The Dive Gurus strive to ensure that our business practices and services are environmentally sustainable and to safeguard the ocean environment for generations to come. These decisions are not taken lightly: they involve commitment, time, and funding. Our team has invested in finding and following standards and protocols that have propelled us forward as a sustainable leader in the dive industry.

The heart of our business plan is sustainable tourism – we realise that by being stewards of the natural environment we not only are protecting our livelihoods but allowing future generations to enjoy the same natural wonders we are privileged to experience in the Sea of Cortez. We welcome any questions and discussions about our standards because we know that only through collaboration can we effectively protect the Ocean for those who come after us. We have partnered with Fourth Element to keep us moving in the right direction. Through these organisations, we have joined the Mission 2020 movement.

​We guarantee the following environmental practices at The Dive Gurus:

Our facilities and boats are 100% free of disposable plastic bottles and aluminium cans. We use refillable jugs for water and tea and encourage guests to either use our reusable aluminium bottles or come with their personal reusable bottles.
Our food is organic, sustainable, and locally sourced. Not only is our food tasty, it is ethically sourced, transported, and treated.
Our staff maintains the best environmental practices above and below the water. Our dive briefings provide guests with necessary information for better understanding of the dive sites and how to minimise our impacts on the site. In addition, our staff practice diving protocols that help guests improve their techniques in the water, enabling guests to get the most out of every dive while cultivating a respect for the marine environment.