​The equipment you use, we use. We use the same equipment for diving every day and for deep diving from 30m/90ft to 100m/330ft.
We use environmentally sealed regulators that are serviced every 6 months, Gauges in both Imperial and Metric systems.
Plus weight integrated modern buoyancy control devices. We are virtually unique in the dive industry with this concept.

Have you ever rented the most basic car from a car rental service? Did it feel safe? There is nothing wrong with your average rental car, but not after everyone has driven them and abused them all summer. Rental dive gear is the same.

While all dive gear is fail-safe and well made, most dive school rental gear is based on one thing being as cheap as possible.

Your first experience in scuba should be with the best equipment available. That is why we choose Apeks equipment. Think of it as renting a Land Rover or Toyota Land Cruiser…Tough and reliable!

Diving equipment is about comfort and fit. Although we can supply you with a mask, fins and suit, you should really have your own. We have found over the years that using your own mask and fins, specifically tried on & tested prior to class to ensure comfort and fit. Will make your whole experience underwater much better.

Full Set of Equipment 
Apeks Regulators 
Apeks Backplate & Wing with Integrated weight 
3mm or 5mm wetsuit 
Apeks RK3 Fins & Booties 
Shearwater Perrigrine Computer w/Bluetooth
Cressi Frameless & Snorkel 
$45 USD a Day
Shearwater Perrigrine Nitrox Computer with Bluetooth $20.00 USD
Apeks Regulator Set $15.00 USD
Apeks RK3 Fins & Booties $15.00 USD
Apeks Plate & Wing BCD $15.00 USD
Cressi Frameless Mask & Snorkel $10.00 USD
Wetsuit $15.00 USD