Enjoy the incredible beauty of the Espiritu Santo National Park with us. Our day trips start at 8.30am from Marina Palmira. You will arrive and all your equipment will be assembled and tested for you.

Relax and enjoy the crossing to the island. Take in the incredible beaches and wildlife as you go.

Keep your eyes peeled for pods of dolphins and friendly whales as we cross the channel and don’t forget the jumping Mobula mantas!

Crossing the channel takes approximately forty minutes, depending on the sea conditions and the northernmost dive sites take up to an hour or more to reach.

Our boats is fast and comfortable with enough space for everyone. We limit our guided diving to a maximum of 4 to 6 divers, depending on our boat.

All our guides are PADI Instructors, there may even be a Divemaster in training to help out on the boat.

Arriving at the dive site you will be briefed on the dive. The dive will be as long as you like. We dive our divers based on how good your air consumption is. If you can make your tank safely last over an hour…then we dive for an hour. We just love being in the water.

You can then decide to eat lunch, visit the beach or go to the next dive site. We take our time and aim to be back around 4pm in the afternoon. Where we will rinse your gear and store it overnight in our secure storage.

We include Enriched Air 32% as a compliment to all our divers – enjoy longer bottom times, feeling less tired. Air is for tyres, Nitrox is for divers. Not Nitrox certified? Don´t worry we got you covered!



Dive Day Safari
Includes: 2 Dives a day, Tanks & Weights, Enriched Air 32%, Lunch & Refreshments, Marine Park Pass, Guide
$215.00 USD