We are owner-operators at The Dive Gurus. Part of ensuring our growing and glowing reputation is that the owners are diving and teaching. This can make our email replies take a bit longer.
So much so, that sometimes we can not answer emails for up to 12-24 hours.

We apologise for this inconvenience, but we hope you understand. It is part of the reason we have such great reviews on Trip Advisor.
We are just in love with diving.

We did try employing someone to answer emails, but our enthusiasm for diving got them in the water and guess what? They are diving now too!

If you want to speak to us, please e-mail us with your Phone Number (and time zone) and a time that is convenient to set up a whatsapp or a standard phone call. We will call you.

We much prefer to talk with customers in person, especially those looking for customised training. We find phone call can save a lot of time.

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